Simple CSS Editor for Magento + Installation




The CSS Editor extension for Magento 2 by Nuethic is a simple, yet powerful extension that allows merchants to quickly and easily modify the global styling of their Magento 2 stores.  The extension allows merchants to make styling updates without having to modify any theme or module files.  Styling updates can be made directly from within the CSS Editor interface within the Magento 2 admin area.

The CSS Editor extension also provides for the creation of separate global styles for specific stores in multi-store setups and includes a detailed version history of all revisions.  With the CSS Editor extension, the process of making global styling updates is painless.  Simply navigate to the CSS Editor interface from within the Magento 2 admin area where style sheets can be created, edited, and removed.  Style sheets can also be assigned to specific stores for multi-store setups.

Additionally, a detailed history of each revision can be viewed from within the CSS Editor interface.  Each revision entry contains the style sheet version number, the user name of the administrator who performed the revision, and finally the date of the revision.


  • Modify global styles without having to modify theme or module files.  Updates can be made directly within the Magento 2 admin area.
  • Create multiple global style sheets.
  • Apply style sheets to specific stores in a multi-store setup.
  • Version history provides information on all revisions made within the CSS Editor interface.
  • Simple, easy to install extension with a light footprint.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • One month of free technical support included with the purchase.


  • 6 months technical support $49.99
  • 1-year technical support $95.99


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